Thursday, December 19, 2013

Kroger Skillet Meals

My Review ~ Thanksgiving weekend for our Sunday Dinner ~ Kroger Chicken Fajitas Quick Dinner, Garlic Bread and Salad...

It was a quick and easy meal for a very busy weekend.

The Dinner Kit had everything you needed for a quick meal.
Seasoning packet, chicken, and tortillas.

We grilled our tortillas and garlic bread on our George Forman Grill. No need to light the oven.
We did not use the seasoning packet, used our own fresh herbs.

Only con... There was not enough meat in kit to fill all tortillas with a healthy portion.

Hubby loved, loved, loved the Garlic Bread.
Nothing can beat a nice bowl of "Dark Greens"...
Love those Manager Specials!

The holidays are always packed with fun parties, big meals and boisterous celebrations. But all those things sure take a lot of work! You’ve got a lot on your plate this time of year, which is why Kroger wants to make sure you’ve actually got something on your dinner plate on those nights between big events. With Kroger Skillet Meals you can have a quick, easy and delicious meal, while taking one thing off your to-do list and helping you get through this joyfully crazy time of year.
  • Ready in just 10 minutes, each Kroger Skillet meal contains at least two servings per bag and 20 grams, or more, of protein per serving
Enjoy a wide variety of authentic Italian flavors including NEW Tuscan-Style Penne, Sausage Rigatoni, Penne with Grilled Chicken and many more!
  • Also available in delicious NEW Asian and Mexican varieties like Shrimp Lo Mein or Chicken Fajitas
Create a complete meal by pairing Kroger Skillet Meals with your favorite sides, such as Kroger Garlic Bread, and Fresh Selections Salad Kits

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Discover Kashi Hummus Crisps

Crazy nutritious, crazy good

This just in: the nutritious folks at Kashi are bringing their talents to a chip aisle near you. The brand’s all natural Hummus Crisps blend popped whole grain chips with the goodness of chickpeas to create a delicious snack you can feel great about eating. Every serving provides some fiber and protein without sacrificing satisfying, mouthwatering flavor.

The deliciously crunchable hummus experience you’re about to partake in contains:
  • At least 3g fiber*
  • At least 3g protein**
  • At least 5g of whole grains***
  • No partially hydrogenated oils
  • No high fructose corn syrup
  • No artificial anything!
You can crunch through three naturally yummy flavors: Caramelized Onion, Sundried Tomato Basil & Feta, and Sea Salt & Olive Oil.
*3.5g total fat per serving
**Not a significant source of protein (5% daily value per serving)
***Recommended to consume at least 48 grams of whole grain each day

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Monday, September 30, 2013

5 Grocery Savings Secrets ~ Your Mama Didn’t Tell You

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by Sarah Roe of
        March 12, 2013 -

1. Loss Leaders

What the what? Yep, Loss Leaders. Basically, those are the items you see featured in the weekly circular from your local grocery store. The store is willing to take a “loss” on those items in order to attract you to the store.

For example, you might see $0.50 BBQ sauce featured in the sales flyer, that’s an AMAZING deal so instead of shopping at the local super center, you head to that grocery store for $0.50 BBQ sauce. However, while you’re there, you realize that BBQ sauce is only good on steaks and if you buy steaks then you’ll have to buy potatoes, potato salad, chips, pop and a million other things to go with it. By the time you check out, your $0.50 BBQ sauce cost you $200. That, my friends, is why stores love Loss Leaders.

It’s our job however, to shop smart and plan our entire menu around those loss leaders rather than letting them simply draw us into a shopping spree.

2. Watch the Sell-By Dates

These are NOT expiration dates. If you look closely at meat in your local Walmart or Sam’s Club, you’ll notice sell-by dates. That means, they have more meat coming in and need to get that meat off the shelf. You’ll also notice, the day before that sell-by date, Walmart and/or Sam’s will discount the meat 30% to 50% with those bright yellow stickers.

Other chains do the same thing, they just don’t use stickers. Target, for example, will start clearancing meat by placing coupons or “peelies” on the products. That’s great because Target sells name brand meat and you can usually find coupons for those products on manufacturer websites. Just keep an eye out for those dates and return a day before the Sell-By date to look for the discount.

3. Outsmart the Marketing

Grocery stores know your every move, they know a bakery by the front door makes you hungry and flowers strategically located will make you happy to shop. They know (and so do parents) that kid-friendly cereals at the eye level of our children will make us purchase more sugar coated flakes. They know it. We know it. Now, it’s time to outsmart the marketing strategies and save yourself some money.

Menu planning is KEY to saving money. I realize I have mentioned this 1,000 times or more, but I cannot stress it enough. Plan your weekly menu around sales (Loss Leaders), coupons and your stockpile, then you will notice savings of 50% to 80% on your grocery bill. It is not hard at all. Plus, if you have a list and weekly menu ready to go, you are less likely to be drawn in by marketing hype and impulse buys and you won’t be going back to the grocery store 5x’s in one week because you forgot something. Simply plan your menu and you’ll outsmart them all.

4. Buy in Bulk… With a Calculator

Everyone thinks buying in bulk is cheaper however, many times it is not. Again, companies are very aware of how we think so, things “appear” to be a great buy, if you don’t do the math, you’ll never know the truth. Also, don’t assume bulk stores are great deals either. Using coupons and sales to purchase those same items individually will likely land you a much better deal. I’m not opposed to bulk buys, just make sure you’re not buying bulk marketing.

5. Back-Door Deals

What’s the secret behind stores like Dollar Tree or Big Lots? Well, even I was surprised to find out this bit of information from MSN Money, the example they offer up is about a store that purchases a ton of charcoal. They sit the charcoal outside but it doesn’t sell, the bags fade and no one wants to buy it. The store then calls a reclamation service that re-bags the charcoal, re-brands it generic then sells it at a store like Dollar Tree or Big Lots.

They go on to say that the charcoal could be on sale at the original store for $16 a bag but the reclamation service pays only $1 a bag, then they sell it for $8 at a store like Big Lots. They mention that is why you’ll see those way off brand cleaners and such, they’re name brand products that have gone through the reclamation process. Now that’s a secret!

Grocery savings can certainly be a game but it’s a fun one and it is very easy to win. Don’t be fooled by marketing, be a strategic shopper and you’ll always come out ahead.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

8 Places to Find Coupons

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On the hunt for more coupons? Check this list of secret coupon stashes to scout out discounts in surprising places.
  • At the grocery store Check the bulletin board at the supermarket— some shoppers will pin up unwanted coupons. Also look on the store’s shelves, where bargain seekers sometimes leave unused coupons near corresponding items.                                       
  • At the doctor or dentist You can find deals on baby supplies at the pediatrician’s office and coupons for toothpaste and other oral care products at the dentist. Don’t see any in the waiting room? Just ask a nurse or dental assistant.                                       
  • At the coffee shop Local weeklies often contain coupon inserts and are either free or cheap (about 50 cents a pop!). Also, look for them by the register. Visit to see if you can get your local paper delivered to your home for less.          
  • At the library Check to see if there’s a box where community members exchange coupons. If your library does not provide this service, ask if you can start one. You could also try this idea in the break room at your workplace.  

  •  At the gas station Sports drink and snack coupons are frequently posted on the refrigerator doors. Tear them off and redeem at a supermarket that doubles.     
  • At a restaurant When you’re eating out (or getting takeout), ask the hostess or cashier about discounts such as coupons delivered via text message.   
  • At home Some manufacturers will send you coupons when you sign up to test new products (you might have to complete a survey or two). A few to try: Kraft First Taste (, General Mills Pssst… ( and Kashi Community (       

  •  In the mail When you receive an item you ordered online or from a catalog, look for coupons in the envelope or box. 

How To Outsmart Changing Coupon Policies

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Don't let couponing changes catch you by surprise! Follow these savvy strategies to stay up-to-date and maximize your savings.
                                   Woman cutting coupons
With the popularity of the TV show Extreme Couponing, on which enthusiasts buy shopping carts full of groceries for little or no money, supermarkets and drugstores have responded by amending their policies to avoid fraud, often limiting or prohibiting some common money-saving strategies. Navigate the widespread changes and still come out on top with these simple tips.            

1.  Policy: A store will accept competitors' coupons
Many supermarkets that once considered just about any store a competitor have started to pull back and now accept fewer coupons from rivals. (Note that this policy may vary from store to store within a chain.)
Smart Strategy: Get the facts
Before your next shopping trip, ask at the stores you frequent which competitors’ coupons (including those of drugstores and big-box stores) they will accept. A list may be posted in the store, or ask the manager. Another option: look for the information on the store’s website.

2.  Policy: A store doubles or even triples coupons less than 50 cents
Some supermarkets no longer allow their customers to take advantage of this lucrative perk when it comes to using competitors’ coupons, while other stores have discontinued their own double- or triple-coupon programs entirely.
Smart Strategy: Sign up for high-value coupons
Shoppers often register for a rewards card without filling out the attached form (or inputting their personal information online). If the store doesn’t have a mailing address associated with your card, you could miss out on extras, like coupons for the products you buy most often.

3.  Policy: Number of transactions per tip
Supermarkets and drugstores recently have started to enforce long-standing rules about how many buy-one, get-one-free (BOGO) items you can purchase at a time or how many coupons a household can double in a given shopping trip.
Smart Strategy: Shop strategically
Keep your shopping list and all your coupons in the car. That way, when you’re out and about, you can run in for a quick purchase. Also, try to do your shopping around the time the store opens, when the cashiers are less harried and more likely to grant your request for multiple transactions.


1.  Policy: A store will allow you to stack digital and paper coupons
In many cases, once you load a digital coupon onto your rewards card, it can’t be removed. For a store that no longer allows stacking, you will not be able to use your paper coupon, even if it is of a higher value than the digital deal you loaded.
Smart Strategy: Clip first
Before uploading coupons to your rewards card, compare the value of your paper coupons with the digital ones. Keep in mind that a 50-cent paper coupon at a store that doubles is worth more than a 75-cent digital coupon, because stores usually don’t double digital coupons.

 2.  Policy: A store lets you cash in on "moneymakers"
Shoppers used to be able to get cash back for an overage when a high-value coupon combined with a sale made an item ring up at a negative dollar amount. Some stores have updated their software so that if the coupon value exceeds the price of an item, the register lowers the coupon value so the store doesn’t owe you money.
Smart Strategy: Wait for mega-sales
You still can make a profit at the supermarket by combining a sale with a coupon and a special promotion. For example, if cereal is on sale for $1 and you have a 50-cent-off coupon at a store that doubles, each box is free. If the cereal is a participating item in a $5-off-10-items promotion, you’ll make $2.50 if you buy 10. Use that overage to help buy meat or produce.
Consumers have less time to use manufacturer’s coupons these days, because the expiration dates come up faster (the average is a little more than 10 weeks).
Sources: Clark Howard, author of Living Large in Lean Times, Stephanie Nelson, founder of, and NCH Marketing Services 2010 CPG Coupon Facts Report

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

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